One piece fanfiction luffy can t eat meat

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I've been thinking, how would it be if Luffy couldn't eat meat for three days, So I've made this Humorous, Torturous story. I hope you enjoy it! Chapter One: Luffy's Torture Such a peaceful Morning, Wind blowing softly against the sails, The waves crashing calmly against the ship, and a Warm buttery sun climbing slowly towards the sky.





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The greatest treasures! Wealth! Fame! Power!" With each word, Luffy nodded, "One Piece!" "Yep!" Luffy confirmed with a bright, wide grin. "Pirates all over the world are after that treasure!" He screamed in shock. "Me too. And I'll be the one to get it!" Luffy wasn't bragging when he said it. It was just a statement of fact. "No! Impossible ....